Rong Back Tune

Ring Back Tune (RBT)

We are providing RBT (Welcome Tune, Goon-Gonn, Coller Tune) for GP, ROBI and Airtel.

J2ME Mobile Game

Mobile Game

We are offering varieties mobile games for GP operator only.

Breaking News Alert

News Alert

We are providing different type of updated news alert from The Daily Prothom-alo.

About SSLE

We, SSLE (Software Solutions & Logistics Enterprise) have started our journey in ICT business with mobile content in 2006. Since then it has been operating in content industry with excellent reputation and become the biggest mobile phone Content Provider in the country. We provide mobile Value Added Services (VAS) for Channel-i & ATN Bangla television channels, leading newspapers like the Prothom Alo & The Daily Star and popular radio channels like ABC Radio & Radio Amaar. We have launched Mobile TV service for the first time in Bangladesh and introduced ecommerce sites with Channel-i and ATN Bangla. We have also provided customized mobile phone based tracking applications to organizations like FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and Group4securicor (G4S). In fact, Group4Securicor is using our mobile application GMAS for security purposes of Standard Chartered Bank.



We provide mobile Value Added Services (VAS), Mobile Contents, News Alert, SMS Support, SMS Voting Support and verious type of Mobile Applications.



We are committed to make the life mobilize and easy through providing mobile base various types of service so that we can get what we wants over a mobile phone.

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